This unique Joomla component checks your website for broken internal and external URLs and lists them for you to update in an easy to read report. Super fast scanning means no need to wait, even for large websites.

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1.What is Qlue Broken Link Checker

Qlue Broken Link Checker is a Joomla! component that checks your website for broken internal and external URLs and lists them for you to update in an easy to read report. Super fast scanning means no need to wait even for large websites.

2.Quick Setup

It's as simple as click 'Scan' and wait. Qlue Broken Link Checker is ready to go as soon as you install the Joomla! package. The instructions below demonstrate how quick and easy it is to get your broken link report.

  • Navigate to Components > Qlue Broken Link Checker.
  • Click the 'Scan' button under the component title.
  • You'll see a progress bar appear, sit and wait for that to complete. Don't worry, it'll be super fast!
  • Once at 100%, close the progress box and Qlue Broken Link Checker will reload and the broken link report will appear.


Qlue Broken Link Checker include a number of options that will let you alter the functionality of the component. Below are the options accompanied by a brief explanation as to what will happen should you alter them.

3.1 Batch Size

Changing this option will modify the number of links being validated. By default this is set to 25 which means that 25 links will be validated at the same time in order to speed up the components progress. Increasing this number should speed up Qlue Broken Link Checker but may cause your website to temporarily run slow until the report is complete.

3.2 Follow Redirects

By default Qlue Broken Link Checker will follow any redirects it comes across whilst scanning your website and will check that those are working too. If you wish for Qlue Broken Link Checker to not do this, then you would change the option to No. It might be worth doing this if your website includes a lot of links.

3.3 Maximum Redirect

Qlue Broken Link Checker will stop following redirects when it reaches this number and subsequently display an error. Default is 5.

3.4 Connection Timeout

By default this option will stop Qlue Broken Link Checker's script from executing once 5 seconds has passed and nothing has happened.If you have a large website running on a slow server it might be worth setting this to a slightly higher number to allow the script to process a little longer. Default is 5.

3.5 Enable Logging

If you are experiencing problems whilst using Qlue Broken Link checker, enabling this option will help you discover what those problems might be. This option will create an error log called "link_scanner.php" and save it in the /logs folder located in the same folder as your Joomla installation on your web server.


For whatever reason you might need to uninstall Qlue Broken Link Checker, you will need to uninstall the Joomla! package version of the extension, otherwise you will not be able to re-install it in the future.

  • Navigate to Extensions > Extension Manager
  • Click 'Manage' on the left on menu
  • Filter the results by 'Type' and select 'Package'
  • Check the box next to 'Qlue Broken Link Checker Package'
  • Click the 'Uninstall' button underneath the extension manager title.


If you have any problems using Qlue Broken Link Checker and you have an active support subscription, create a new ticket and we will aim to help you as soon as possible.

If you don't have an active subscription, why not check out our FAQ and Knowledgebase as you may be having problems similar to other Qlue Broken Link Checker users.