The Qlue Joomla custom 404 component detects when your website has a page error and redirects a user to your own custom 404 error page.

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FeaturesFreePro €19
Detect errors
(eg 404 Page not found) and display a custom page in your own template
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Custom error page
In your own template
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Return the correct HTTP error
Important for SEO
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Easy install process
Get up and running quickly
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Include modules!
Your custom error pages can include any modules!
Individual pages for each type of error!
403, 404 and 500 errors each have their own page layout
Stores all errors!
Managed in the admin control panel
Email alerts!
You can set trigger point to be emailed when a broken link is recorded x times
Create redirects!
Allows you to set up redirects before errors are triggered and responds with 301 status
Create custom error pages for the server!
Allows you to create a custom error page for non-existent files/folders (eg. images, PDFs etc)
3 months dedicated support!
Fast response to all your questions - 3 months on 1 domain
Regular updates!
Access to regular updates - 3 months on 1 domain