This simple to use Joomla module will be up and running within minutes of installing it on your Joomla website. Just select what articles you wish to display inside it and check back to your site to see the finished work. Use Qlue Panels with articles, modules and plugins.

If you have any problems our FAQ and Knowledgebase have been setup to help you. Click here to view the Quick Start Guide for this extension.

FeaturesFreePro €15
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Displays articles from selected category 
Simply select the category and content is displayed in the panel
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Customize the appearance 
Set CSS class to customize the look of the panel
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Display articles, modules or plugins
Panels support loadposition along with other plugins so all content can be displayed
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Easy install process
Get up and running quickly
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Display on the left or top!
Select where the panel should slide from
Set speed of animation!
Control the speed of panel slide animations
3 months dedicated support!
Fast response to all your questions - 3 months on 1 domain
Regular updates!
Access to regular updates - 3 months on 1 domain

* Free Download contains Joomla! 2.5 & Joomla! 3 versions. You must unzip the file before you install the extension onto Joomla.