Add a Joomla tooltip to any article, category or section content and this Joomla plugin can display any html content and even other modules (e.g. Login form, latest news modules, custom module).

If you have any problems our FAQ and Knowledgebase have been setup to help you. Click here to view the Quick Start Guide for this extension.

FeaturesFreePro €15
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Simple to set up
Set the width of the tooltip and the content and you're done
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Set duration
Set how long the tooltip should last
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Style how you want
Use CSS to style the tolltip to match your site
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Easy install process
Get up and running quickly
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Tooltip appear on Hover or Click!
Set if tooltip appears on click or hover
Custom settings!
Set the position from the cursor
3 months dedicated support!
Fast response to all your questions - 3 months on 1 domain
Regular updates!
Access to regular updates - 3 months on 1 domain

* Free Download contains Joomla! 2.5 & Joomla! 3 versions. You must unzip the file before you install the extension onto Joomla.